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Landscaping Materials
Patio Pavers/Retaining Wall Block


Veranda Pattern Steps:
Recommended for walkways & patios

Tree Stepping Stone
Tree Step Stones 15":
Recommended use for walkways, paths, gardens & patios

Stepping Stone
Stepping Stones:
Garden stepping stones are popular material with which to build paths through the yard.
Stepping StoneStepping Stone
Retaining Wall Blocks:
These are used to enhance landscape, enclose an area for decorative gardens, patios and walkways.

Exposed Aggregate
Exposed Aggregate:
Recommended uses for gardens, walkways/paths & patios.

Paver Bullet Edger
Bullet Edgers:
Recommended for tree rings, flower beds, gardens, walkways and edging.
Paver Bullet EdgerPaver Bullet EdgerPaver Bullet Edger

Brick face
Brick Face Step Stones:
Used for walkways, patios & deck.

County Materials
County Materials
Lake Services Unlimited is an authorized dealer of products manufactured by County Materials any product on their link can be purchased at Lake Services Unlimited.


Delivery and installation of any landscaping materials is available.

We will also load your truck or trailer at no additional fee.

Lake Services Unlimited
Lake Services
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Lake Services

Lake Services Unlimited ~ Jonzy Market
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